* Meet your Power Animal    *

This is an invitation to gather in nature to discover shamanic journeys
and meet your Totem Animal.

Lion Mandala Caroline Manière

Each participant is invited to explore what shamanic cosmogony calls “The Under World”. It’s in this special place that you will encounter your power animal.

A shamanic journey consists in listening to the sound of the drum to enter a different state of conciousness. I invite to embark together on several little journeys and take some time to share what each of us experienced.

Meeting our power animal is a magical, unique, precious and sometimes overwhelming moment.

He is one of your guides. He knows you, he loves you, he can teach you things
and with him, you can learn a lot from both visible and invisible worlds.

eagle phoenixThe first time I got to meet my animal, I didn’t excpect anything. I had no idea I would be so moved by this moment. I saw him, I recognized him, I was very impressed, it was incredible how I could feel in my heart and soul that I knew him right away. The following days I was over the moon, I felt so blessed to finally know him and knowing he is always next to me !

Since then I love to connect with his strength, wisdom and I can meet him anytime I need some help.

It was such a powerful experience for me that now, I really want to share with others, my love for those sacred animal spirits.


animal totem animal de pouvoir

Please book the next meeting using this contact form here.

Participants are limited to 8.

Please bring your rattle, if you don’t have any you can make your own using this DIY .

I also provide extra rattle, you only need to let me know.

Further informations about what you need to bring and precise meeting point are specified by email.

Stay tuned through my facebook page or check at the bottom of this page for further  information about the next gathering.

More to come soon / A suivre…
gorilla spirit

Illustrations : Isabel BrynaCaroline Manière, Moi-même, Iain MacarthurViolaine & Jeremy