Festen is a short (12 sessions) releasing fear therapy.
helps those who feel they are not able to be themselves and/or who feel kind of stuck in their life and projects. Anyone who have the impression they are not good enough and they will never be able to succeed.


Since almost forever, I believed that my ideas and projects  were worthless.I always perceived others as awesome and myself as ordinary. In addition to no finding my place on this Earth,  I didn’t understand the world I was living in, so I kept watching others so I could imitate them and therefore appear as a “normal human being”. For a very long time, although I was making people laugh and putting a lot of energy into pretending someone who I was not, I think I was depressed. After trying to play the game in the advertising business, I preferred to leave and live on French government funds.

At the end of 2013, something inside of me was feeling so dead and desperate that my soul had no other choice but to speak up her truth. That’s when, I  experienced an short and intense conscious awakening that I wouldn’t be able to explain with words. All of the sudden, I could understand the perfection of this world, I could feel in my bones how much my life was a blessing and that I had a real purpose. This blissful and powerful experience was so intense that after a few days my mind started to freak out and I finally burned out. The magical experience turned into a nightmare when I was locked up in a psychiatric unit.

As a child, I had witnessed my mom go crazy and I therefor grew up with the unconscious deep fear of being diagnosed a lunatic myself. So there I was, in the same hospital my mom used to be treated, surrounded by nurses and psychiatrists that had already made up their mind about my case. After a few days, I finally realized I had nothing to be scared of and nothing to prove to anyone neither. Something changed within me, I was calm and confident. My friend’s, parent’s, doctor’s,  people’s opinion didn’t matter anymore. Going out or staying here forever didn’t matter anymore.  I was free because there was finally somebody there for me, me.

I was feeling love for myself for the first time in my whole life. That was an invisible but huge difference !

When I finally got out, I was myself with something more, I was grateful and full of faith. My well-being became my top 1 priority and for a year I treated myself with acupuncture, kinesiology, energetic work, massage, meditation, rest time….  It helped me look inside myself with softer eyes and listen more and more to my inner voice. That is when Festen crossed my path. It felt like I was waiting for this method all my life. It was straight-forward, sharp, holistic, clear and concrete. It was a revelation!

Sessions after sessions, powerful insights would strike me with clarity and shift my perception reality. My facilitator was able to put my pain into words ! It was like seeing my life with new eyes and aknowledging that all my suffering didn’t come out of nowhere.

It was mindblowing !
Festen released the burden, the shame and the guilt I was carrying on my back all my life.
It allowed me to sort out the wounds of my past and really forgive myself.
It felt like pressing a big “reset” button and starting a new life.



heart mandala

Since my  Festen, everything changed ! I wrote a book (here), I draw, I travel, I make my own music, I invent many projects…  My ideas naturally flower without any doubts or fears blocking their way into the world. Looking backwards, I realize how many things have changed. The girl who was feeling so bad and hiding from life is now, a woman, happy to be herself and to live the life she is dreaming of.

Now that I freely express all my talents and creativity with joy, I can help others embody their own truth and awake their full potential through André Charbonnier’s Method.

My genuine joyful nature, my strong intuition and the tools I have gathered on the way (hypnosis, NLP, chamanisme…) will empower you through this liberation and show you the way to your inner awesomeness !c .

Flower power
Feel free to contact me for a first interview (2 to 3 hours)
that will introduce you to the method.
Sessions through Skype
or one-to-one depending on where I am.

Contact-me here  to book a session.

More information about Festen (Fr) : www.festeninstitute.com