When you are ready to leave your life, life is ready to live through you.

Expand our comfort zone, okay, but what does it really means ?
What is this comfort zone really about ?

The comfort zone is not a physical space, it’s actually a territory that exists only in our mind and which is delimited by it. Inside its frontiers there is everything our mind knows, there is our job, our friends, our postman, laws, our house, our behaviour, our culture, our habits, our reflexes, our way of thinking, our tastes…

All these ”known things” are minutely listed by our mind and form what we comonly call our comfort zone. What is important to understand is that the first purpose of our mind is to keep us alive, away from danger and that our mind keeps us inside our comfort zone because from it’s point of view anything outside of it is a potentially dangerous for us.

comfort zone magic happensWell, okay, Mister Master Mind it’s really nice from you to care about our well-being but actually, in real life there is nothing immediately dangerous to our life outside of this so called ”comfort” zone. It’s all in your head !

That is why, when we start pushing the invisible frontiers of our ”cosy zone”, most of the time we are surprised because instead of the scary nightmare scenario, something unexpected comes out of the blue. Beyond our fears, magic happens. When we say ”The magic” in french ”La magie” we can also hear (in bird language) ”L’âme agit” that we can translate as ”The soul acts”. It reminds us that the minute we quit the well-known space of our mind, our soul starts to rule the game. You can call it the soul, the essence, the being, the presence, the heart, the higher-self or (my favourite) the Super-Me, it is the sparkle that keeps us alive, it’s the little flame that warms us up inside and wants us to grow and shine.

This Super-Me of ours gets bored to death when he is stuck in our comfort zone, for he is hungry for adventures, novelty, boldness, joy and anything that brings him to life. What is awesome about our soul is that she knows what is good and ”not so good” for our evolution. The good news is that we are constantly receiving message from her, she guides us towards what is right for us by sending signals in the form of emotions and desires.

When we learn the language of our soul we can start living the life we truly want. Here is a simple key that will help you move forward and expand your comfort zone :

  • When we feel a positive emotion like curiosity, joy, excitement, gratitude, our soul is telling us “Gooooo !”.
  • When we feel a negative emotion  like sadness,frustration, anger, boredomness,our heart is shouting a big “Stooop !” to us, because we are stepping away from what we really want/need.

This is a simple method to stay in touch with our inner voice, the more we practice, the more our mind let us free-wheel our lives. But remember our mind will always try remain us ”safe” by thowing fears, comparaisons, statistics, doubts at our faces. Little by little, we can master our mind and feel how amazing, simple and natural it is to listen to our inner voice/intuition.

comfort zone magic happens

Everyday is a journey that offers a myriad of choices, we have the power to take unknown paths, to randomly moving forward, to turn our routine upside down, to change the way we look at the world, to engage differently in life, to dare new activities…

We always have the choice to give our power to joy or to fear, to light or darkness.

This brave choice is a present we can gift ourselves, it is how we can embrace the magic that hides within every moment of our lives.

I remember when I got the opportunity to rent a room in New-York, it immediately put me in a great Joy ! Every time I listened to my soul gave the green light and I was super excited  ! It was really a great feeling, yes, except that my mind was not feeling the same about it. It was haunting me with questions like : ”Are you seriously going to quit your love nest it took you a year to build ?” Why ? What is wrong with you ? What are you going to do there ? You ? Who loves this village you are going to move to The Big City ? Nonsense ! And how are you going to afford a rent in Brooklyn ? It is insane, you will never have enough time to pack all your stuff ! bla, bla bla…………………..

At that point, just like every one of us, I simply had a choice to make :

  1.  Listen to my heart, my soul and jump into this new adventure.
  2.  Obey to my fears, my mind and stay in my quiet and steady life.

If I finally decided to follow my heart, to discover new horizons it’s because I understood that everytime I listen to my intuition I am choosing love over fear, I am letting life flow through me and sprinkle my way with magical presents (moments).

explore the unknown

Since then I live my adventure outside my comfort zone, I move forward without knowing where I’m going, I listen to my emotions, I surrender myself to what the universe has to offer even if my mind is freaking out, because in the end I know that I have nothing to fear and that behind every fear there are wonders awaiting for me.

This journey towards the unknown is the choice of all of us, it is an every moment challenging choice that pushes us into places we don’t want to be, that fills us with doubts, that drives us crazy, that questions our faith and that also sharpens our intuition, reveals unexplored parts of ourselves, helps us transcend our fears, ignites our potential and nourishes our self-confidence.

That being said we can realize that doing what we love is a brave choice that has nothing to do with luck.

Every time we push the limits of our comfort zone further, it is our whole being that grows too and spread itself in all directions.

So what are you waiting for to jump on the other side of your fence,
to breakthrough your fears and let your soul speak for you ?

Photos & Land Art: Myself, Tobias Häggs Photography, Nils Udo & Andy Goldsworthy



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